Happy 2017

I hope your holiday season has been a successful one.

For the new year, dust off a routine you currently own that cleans your aura. Your body functions better with healthy hygiene and so does your aura. As we travel through our daily work, play, rest, and pleasures, our aura picks up all kinds of influences. The dust and dirt which are not helpful to us, but accumulates in our spheres, should be cleaned regularly.

If you cannot locate one of yours, try this favorite of mine. It is a six-part series that “covers the waterfront.” Part six of that series guides you through a twenty-some-minutes routine that rids your aura of what you choose to reduce. It is quick, easy, and you are in control throughout the simple process.

After cleaning yourself of negatives influences, you might discover that resolutions you make are easier attained.

Have a prospers 2017

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Life’s A Journey … Enjoy the Ride!

Like most of us, I too had many ups and downs during the past 12 months. But no matter how dim individual situations may have looked, I survived and achieved.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

And as days passed, I realized how much I grew from each experience. For example, here in the USA, we had an extremely negative 2016 presidential campaign. Following the night of ballot counting, expectations were dashed, dreams were shattered, and a nation was truly surprised. However, throughout the campaigns and elections, the nation still stood.

I mused on the idea of how Francis Scott Key might have felt when he penned The Star-Spangled Banner. After witnessing Maryland’s Fort McHenry being bombarded in 1812, he awoke to see a lone US Flag flying over the fort. He was grateful that the fort still stood.

I, too, am grateful for the joys and pleasures I garnered during the last year. From the little things, to the much larger ones, I am thankful for all my experiences.

As we approach another holiday season, you too should take time to reflect on your many blessings. You may get some ideas how to proceed by viewing this short video.

Thanks, everyone!

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It’s Time to Put It All Together

man1Throughout this blog, I have continuously published opinions, comments, and information on programs you can use to assist in executing the Law of Attraction. Like you, I too am a traveler on that road to prosperity. Of course, I will never be able to experience all the techniques and programs available. The ones in which I sensed a modicum amount of success, however, usually ended up being written about in this blog.

For this post, the name of the program is Manifestation Success. The Secret and many other approaches to implementing the Law of Attraction tell you what needs to be done. You are left on your own to “figure out” how to make the pieces fit. In so many instances, you are unable to get those messages where they should be to become effective. Failure was the result. And, yes, some of the program creators offer a ‘coaching service’. Many of those services, however, are just another way to take your money under the guise of helping you.

The difference between the Manifestation Success approach and other programs is very important. For example, I could tell you to go play a tennis match against Serena Williams. Without guidance, however, you will fail while trying to win a single game against a professional, and regularly ranked, World Number One Tennis Player. With the Manifestation Success approach, a certified hypnotherapist leads you along the paths to get results.

And all the six sessions can be done from the comfort of your easy chair. If you have approximately 25 minutes where you can be without cellphones, to-do-lists, and other distractions, you can significantly benefit from this program.
Indubitable, you have used affirmations, improved your visualization, tried all sorts of manifestation techniques, listened to untold hours of tapes and music, and yet the big life changes still elude you. It is now time to put all those programs together and penetrate your subconscious mind to connect you to your inner energy. That’s the part which has been missing. A certified individual will lead you by the hand to ensure success.

The Manifestation Success sessions are downloadable and build the foundation you need AND take you from struggle to success. Each session uses procedures your mind already knows how to do. Additionally, the sessions allow your minds to select methods agreeable to your uniqueness. This technique makes a gigantic world of difference. Because your minds already know how to do the tasks, and your body is in control always, you automatically accept them.
If I attempted to have you do something against your wishes, I probably would have minimal success. Luckily, we were born with defensive mechanisms to protect us. Thus, your protection mechanism rejects any process it detects that could harm you. It is for that reason that natural hypnosis uses processes that leaves your body in control always. And when you make choices that “feel right for you,” your success rate is much higher.

The results of these processes are the removal of subconscious blockages, eliminating your doubts and negative thoughts, and instilling confidence and total belief. You will be thrilled with discovering that manifesting is no longer a struggle but a natural process for you. Because you are in control throughout these processes, they will work for you. Essentially, you are hand-held as you rewire yourself the way you’ve been trying to be do with all those other programs.
This could be the best program you will ever own!

As always, I wish you success!

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The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony

You are about to discover the missing puzzle piece to the “Think and Grow Rich” formula … the secret to Andrew Carnegie’s success formula.

That secret has been unlocked… The code has finally been cracked… the missing ingredient that ignites a firestorm of effortless success can now be revealed to you…

… And it is so elegant and simple, that with it you absolutely cannot fail!

Just imagine how your life will soar with your new found knowledge.

Money… Power…Love…health…and SUCCESS will be at your fingertips!

… Total control over your health and your wealth, warmer and more rewarding relationships with your partner, your children, and yourself…

No matter what it is, you will discover that you can understand and master your own desires…

People have spent a fortune on motivational speakers, workshops, coaching, CDs, books and tapes trying to discover this key.  Now it can really be yours for almost zilch.  The secret to an endless source of money, power, and love in your life can soon be in your hands…

A scientific system for creating precisely what you want in life… allowing you to easily manifest more money, more freedom, and better relationships, new ideas for a business or a career, or anything else you want…

…And yes, you did read that correctly.  The program includes a Quick Start Segment that guarantees you will create the money to cover the entire cost of this program (making it FREE to you)…

You have just got to have this program.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

The Secret of Deliberate Creation will reveal to you:

1.  The deepest secret to Andrew Carnegie’s success formula that Napoleon Hill so masterfully brought to the world in his seminal work “Think and Grow Rich” — a missing puzzle piece so elegant and simple, with it you absolutely cannot fail…

2.  A scientific system for creating precisely what you want in life… allowing you to easily manifest more money, more freedom, and better relationships, new ideas for a business or a career, or anything else you want…

3.  The secret to understanding and mastering your own desires – the same secret used by the most powerful, persuasive, attractive, wealthy and romantic figures from today and throughout history… to obtain an endless source of money, power, and love in your life…

You will also discover:
a. Why quantum physics is the key to creating your future…
b. How to make the “Law of Attraction” work for you instead of against you…
c. How to use your Inner Guidance System to make the right decisions all the time…
d. The secret of the “Flip Switch”…
e. How to know what you truly desire with 100% certainty… and thus become unstoppable…
f. How to eliminate self-sabotage and mental blocks – forever…
g. How to know when it’s time to take action…

And much, much more…

Check it out here:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Truly Caring For Your Success…

Dr. Robert Anthony
Personal Performance Consultant

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The Health Benefits Of Wearing Gemstones

Christina Wilson

Christina Wilson

In ancient times, it was widely accepted that stones had many healing benefits, but today many researchers have begun to examine the actual effects of stones, chakras, and other alternative healing methods on the body. With studies out of the University of Louisville, George Washington University Medical Center, and the Department of Psychopharmacology in Bangalore, there is now conclusive evidence that links the energy of stones to healing. Here are some of the most powerful stones below and the many benefits and healing effects they have on the body.

Rose QuartzRose Quartz

Rose quartz is an incredibly popular stone found in high-end jewelry stores and back-alley artisan shops alike. This affordable stone is incorporated into jewelry in both its raw and water tumbled state.

One of the reasons for rose quartz’s popularity is the belief that it will bring the wearer love. Not only will it encourage romantic love in a person’s life, but it enhances all other kinds of love including your perception of personal worth and nurturing, familial ties. This light pink stone is supposed to have a gentle, soothing energy, ideal when trying to calm an agitated mind.

Rose quartz, and all other stones associated with love are best worn near the heart. The heart is where the fourth chakra, the energy center associated with love, resides. Wearing it near the fourth chakra will compound its power and make it more effective.


AmethystAmethyst is another commonly seen semi-precious gemstone in it’s raw, cut, and tumbled state. It has a rich history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and several European societies. The stone was often engraved and worn by those who believed it could prevent intoxication and heal soldiers in battle. Priests also wore amethyst as a symbol of their purity.

Today, amethyst is worn by recovering addicts or those who wish to control their temper and remain level headed. The stone has a tranquil quality that helps anyone suffering from anxiety, insomnia, or stress.

Amethyst is also one of the most common stones found in geodes, a naturally occurring, hollow rock, usually lined with raw semi-precious stones. You can find decorative geodes in many shapes and sizes, from rocks only a few inches long to the largest amethyst geode in the world, which weighs 2.5 tons. If you do procure an amethyst geode or piece of jewelry, be careful to prevent long exposure to light, as the stone is very photosensitive and sunlight will cause it to fade.


Citrine, often mistaken for topaz, is a bright yellow stone that looks best as a faceted gem. When left raw or tumbled, the stone often looks pale and washed out. Citrine is also a stone that will lose its color if improperly treated. If you have citrine, keep it away from heat.

Sometimes citrine can be found naturally growing with amethyst to create a purple and yellow mixture. This rare Bolivian stone is called ametrine.

The effects of citrine are often associated with success and wealth, part of the reason why so many people want to wear the stone. Yet citrine isn’t just associated with material prosperity, it’s also connected to physical strength and emotional stability. Since this stone enhances positive energies, it will amplify anything that a person feels enthusiastic about.

If you have your heart set on acquiring a true citrine stone, beware heat treated citrine. These stones are actually amethyst that have been exposed to heat and have turned yellow. The molecular structure of the stone doesn’t change in any way, it just becomes yellow amethyst. Yellow amethyst has the same healing properties as purple amethyst.


Labradorite is a lesser known stone that’s still popular due to the iridescence common with this mineral. Composed of cobalt, jade, and amber colors, the stone shines like an abalone shell when exposed to light. Due to the stone’s iridescent glow, it is the subject of many Inuit legends involving the Northern Lights.

Because of its association with a certain Inuit legend that claims the labradorite transformed from an ordinary stone to its current extraordinary state due to the light of the Aurora Borealis, many consider this stone one of self discovery and transformation. Labradorites are also usually associated with intuition and mental clarity. It’s a stone that helps with communication and congeniality, suppressing the darker aspects of many personalities.

First found in Labrador, Canada, there are three known types of labradorite: spectrolite, rainbow moonstone (Madagascar Moonstone), and andesine-labradorite. Spectrolite labradorite is usually found in Finland, its spectral play of colors inherent in the name. Rainbow moonstone, from Madagascar, is known for its intense blue color and bronze glow. Andesine-labradorite is an enhanced labradorite stone, created in a lab. Because of its inner glow, labradorite is rarely faceted, instead, it’s usually cut into a smooth cabochon shape.


Jade is a stone that was deeply significant for the ancient Chinese, Mayan, and Aztec cultures. For the Chinese, animals carved out of jade represented happiness (bat), long life (butterfly), prosperity (dragon), and in its most recognizable shape, a disk with a hole in the center, represented heaven. For Aztecs and Mayans, the jade stone was used in religious ceremonies and healing.

Today jade is still associated with healing. According to a study published in the Photonics Lasers Medical Journal, jade emits infrared radiation shown to have significant biological healing effects. The study suggested that infrared radiating fabrics could be used to speed healing and work as performance enhancers. Additionally, powdered jade is also used in many beauty products, including Estee Lauder’s Nephria brand soaps and refinishing treatments.

Black Stones

Black StonesThere are many black stones available in jewelry, from black tourmaline and obsidian to onyx and hematite, these stones are found tumbled and polished, bezel set in rings and necklaces. Whether the stone is volcanic glass, like obsidian, or a space rock found on Mars, like hematite, many of these stones are believed to have the same metaphysical qualities.

While some of these black stones have healing and de-stressing properties, every single one is believed to deflect negative energy. Black stones are known to protect the body and mind from overwhelming stress and overwork.

Wear It or Decorate With It

While many of these stones work best when worn, that’s not a requirement to benefit from their healing properties. Some people like to place them around the house as decoration, while others like to keep little pouches with their favorite stones near their beds or on their desks at work. Many jewelry makers also like to use semi-precious stones for their healing benefits. Explore the options of loose stones and decorative geodes at specialty stores like Stonebridge Imports.

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