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An Easier Way to Get Some

… prosperity, wealth, happiness, and success. Creating wealth, prosperity, and success is getting easier as we understand more and more about how our amazing brain works. The effects of various stimuli to the brain along with brainwaves have been researched … Continue reading

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This strategy is not taught in 99.9% of all ‘wealth creation’ programs

My post on Spark of Divinity and Switchwords provided an interesting insight into the world of manifesting and the Law of Attraction. But for some the idea as presented may not be quite enough. I have a background of instructing … Continue reading

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Spark of Divinity and Switchwords

You can spend an enormous amount of time perusing the information available on that so called “spark of divinity,” mentioned in all types of books, sermons, and mystical traditions. Clergy, researchers, and academic people will all have their take on … Continue reading

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Another Piece of the Puzzle

[The secrets revealed in this article may be used by the Christian and Non-Christian alike.  The prosperity laws are constant in the universe regardless of what power to which you subscribe. Many of the references have been passed down to … Continue reading

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Is This Really A No-brainer?

For most of us, we spend our waking hours searching for ways to elevate our current status. Whether it is at the office, home, the gym, or in a social setting, we strive to surpass whatever status we currently embrace. … Continue reading

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