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Day by Day

Day by Day

You set the stage in your daily life to persuade, convince, and teach others. You may already be using this means at your employment when you gather around a table to brainstorm an idea. Similarly, you may have said, “Let me sleep on it” in response to requests from others, sales pitches, or even family questions. The general idea was to obtain additional information so you could make a better decision.

Why not deliberately use the same procedure to help yourself? And as you might suspect, this technique is easy, free, and you have been using it since birth. What you may not have realized is that you can enhance this technique by employing it more often. A notebook or computer file where you jotted down ideas that “popped into your head” could be a valuable tool for you to gauge your progress or accuracy.

This step is not intended to replace any of the procedures you currently use. Rather, it is designed to serve as a prelude to your current routines. The preponderance of programs, methods, and techniques available is one of the things you noticed in attempting to achieve success; one size does not fit all.

Just as plantation songs were used to “ease the work burden,” songs can be used to release tension, sorrow, and loss. Songs can also be used to express happiness, joy, and elation. The type music I am referring to in this post is music that will assist you in going into your own private self (commonly referred to as ‘going within’ or ‘going inside’).

Specifically, I am referring to music, songs, or tunes that will “stick in your head” and cause you to continue to hum or sing parts of it long after the song has ended. Did you ever go to the cinema and continue to sing the movie’s theme song for days after you left the theater? Great! That’s the type of music to which I am alluring.

The words “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast,” were spoken by Almeria in Act I, Scene 1, of William Congreve’s play, The Mourning Bride. Music can calm you also. It is that calming of the constant struggle between the unconscious and conscious mind that you want to achieve by choosing music that appeals to you. It is during that “down time” that you may find communicating with your inner mind most effective. Your task becomes simply to ‘let the magic happen’.

Use music to “get you in the mood” to turn inside for your answers. You need to choose a melody that suits you. One of the best parts of this adventure is, that special song is probably already in your collection of music. All it takes is a little search through your music to find the one ‘that is right for you’. And, yes, you may have more than one melody. The genre is also your choice. However, the music should be one that will assist you in reflecting instead of music that urges you to dance.

In case you may be wondering what that snippet of music in the icon of this post sounds like, you can see and hear a version of Oscar Ahnfeldt’s work by clicking the icon or clicking this link. If you play music and desire a copy of the version in the icon, go here and type 3552045 in the Search box on the page. The version of the song shown in the icon, Day by Day, is included within that work.

While listening to that unique song, you can turn inward and await answers to some of those questions you have asked and assumed they were never answered. Use that special song to find your answers and achieve.

A word of CAUTION: Please do not attempt this technique while driving a vehicle or operating dangerous equipment. It could cause you to become drowsy or fall asleep.

As always, I wish you success!

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