Two Easy Ways to Manifest Money Today!

Kevin Schoeninger

Kevin Schoeninger

There’s a story running rampant on the planet these days.  It goes something like this: “The economy is bad and it’s a struggle to make ends meet.”

Financial experts, politicians, and TV analysts keep this story stoked for their own job security, while many of the rest of us buy in and suffer along.  As a result, you find yourself scratching out a living paycheck to paycheck, feeling desperate about paying the bills and worse and worse about yourself and your future.

At the same time, there are those that are busy making money like never before.  The doors of opportunity seem to be swung wide open for these folks and they’re reaping the rewards.  In this article, we’ll explore three beliefs that will put you in that flow of abundance.

If you’re ready to make the shift to abundance, a good place to start is with your beliefs about money. You’ve probably heard this kind of belief talk before.  The limiting belief often cited is some version of the “money is bad” belief.  If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you’ve gotten over that one and realized that money is neutral — neither bad nor good.  It is simply a means of exchange.  It’s how you go about this exchange that makes it either “bad” or “good” depending on your values.

It’s this idea of “exchange” that’s most important.  Having money is the result of exchanging some time, energy, skill, or resource that you have to solve a need or want that someone else has.  Money is simply the way we exchange things of value.  We get money when we exchange something we have for something someone else wants or needs.

Now that may seem too obvious to be important.  Yet, it’s really the key to having more money.  You’ve got to find opportunities to exchange something you have for something someone else wants or needs. You’re going to find more of these opportunities if you have three Abundance Beliefs in place:

  1. There are many opportunities out there; you just have to find them.
  2. You have lots of “valuable stuff” that others want and need.
  3. You are entitled to have what you want and need.

Those who struggle with money tend to hold counter beliefs to all three.  They will tend to think that opportunities are scarce; they have little to offer; and they are not entitled to have what they want and need.  When you hold these three Scarcity Beliefs you’re likely to buy the story that “The economy is bad and I’m in for a struggle.”  Those beliefs fit that story like a glove.

So how do you install Abundance Beliefs?

The bottom line is this: you’ve got to practice them until they become your dominant reference point — the way you see the world.  Here are two great ways to do that:

  1. Practice seeing opportunities.
    Opportunities are needs that you can solve with the time, energy, skills, and resources you have or can get.  So, take an inventory of your resources: knowledge and skills you have, things you like to do, time you have to do things, and things you own.  With those in mind, actively be on the lookout for needs you can solve with the resources you have.  Here’s the secret: The more you look for opportunities the more you’ll find them.

Here’s a great way for you to practice seeing opportunities and manifesting more wealth.

  1. Practice taking action.
    When you see a promising opportunity, take some action on it.  Test it out.  Learn more about the opportunity by moving toward it.  Ask the people whose need you observe exactly what they want.  Take some action every day toward the most promising opportunities you discover and soon you’ll have direction and momentum. If you don’t do this, it’s going to cost you a lot more financially and emotionally in the years to come. You’ll continue to stay stuck in the same old story, feeling anxious and desperate about money.  But, your life doesn’t have to be that way!

As you practice seeing opportunities and taking action on them, you’ll grow your belief in the abundance of opportunities, in your own skills and resources, and in your entitlement to be rewarded when you provide something that someone else needs.  As you do that, you’ll find yourself in the flow of abundance.  Enjoy your practice!

Kevin Schoeninger, Meditation Master
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