Happy 2017

I hope your holiday season has been a successful one.

For the new year, dust off a routine you currently own that cleans your aura. Your body functions better with healthy hygiene and so does your aura. As we travel through our daily work, play, rest, and pleasures, our aura picks up all kinds of influences. The dust and dirt which are not helpful to us, but accumulates in our spheres, should be cleaned regularly.

If you cannot locate one of yours, try this favorite of mine. It is a six-part series that “covers the waterfront.” Part six of that series guides you through a twenty-some-minutes routine that rids your aura of what you choose to reduce. It is quick, easy, and you are in control throughout the simple process.

After cleaning yourself of negatives influences, you might discover that resolutions you make are easier attained.

Have a prospers 2017

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