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It’s Time to Put It All Together

Throughout this blog, I have continuously published opinions, comments, and information on programs you can use to assist in executing the Law of Attraction. Like you, I too am a traveler on that road to prosperity. Of course, I will … Continue reading

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Affirmations That Have Stood The Test of Time

A couple of summers ago, my sister and her husband, both ministers, visited me in San Antonio, Texas, USA. As I was showing them around my dwelling, I mentioned that I was trying to understand several sections of the Bible … Continue reading

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A Prayer and Affirmations

On a recent trip to New Bern, North Carolina I reunited with my family. One evening while talking, I mentioned to one of my senior sisters that I had changed my website to a blog format. After perusing one of … Continue reading

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Another Piece of the Puzzle

[The secrets revealed in this article may be used by the Christian and Non-Christian alike.  The prosperity laws are constant in the universe regardless of what power to which you subscribe. Many of the references have been passed down to … Continue reading

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Is This Really A No-brainer?

For most of us, we spend our waking hours searching for ways to elevate our current status. Whether it is at the office, home, the gym, or in a social setting, we strive to surpass whatever status we currently embrace. … Continue reading

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